Ferragosto 2013 – Little Italy America : The Roaring 20’s!

May 24, 2013 617

From New York to San Diego, America cast off the inhibitions of an earlier era and celebrated prosperity, movies, the automobile, and jazz. Then - January 16, 1920 – The 18th Amendment was signed into law and America went DRY!

It was Prohibition!

Thirsty Americans sought relief ... and the Speakeasy was born! There has never been a time like it since ... August 17, 2013, San Diego's Little Italy will celebrate The Roaring 20's across America! Columbia Street in San Diego's Little Italy will be transformed to 1920's New York, Chicago, and San Diego – a time of dolls, molls, and speakeasies! It 's the Roaring 20's – Little Italy style! A chance to step back in time for a night when EVERYONE'S ITALIAN!

Don your fedora, feathers and frills for a night of fun, excitement, glamour and glitz – and all for a great cause! Proceeds will provide scholarships and support school programs and help beautify and restore the history, flavor and ambience of San Diego's Little Italy.

The fun begins at 6:00 p.m. and won't let up until Midnight! Come celebrate Ferragosto's "Little Italy America: The Roaring 20's" with us and a host of mystery guests – even an occasional friendly "gangsta" may show up!

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