An Ocean Apart for 70 Years, Sons of Italian POW Meet

May 09, 2017 821


Half-brothers Victor Fogelsonger and Roberto De Angelis met for the first time this week - more than 70 years after their father was swept up in World War II. The brothers have wanted to meet since learning about each other in 2009."I'd always wanted a brother," Roberto said. "This news came, and I had a brother. A big brother at that - four months older. How impossible is that?"

"It was pleasant to find out I had a brother," Fogelsonger said. "I had a longing to see what he looked like."Their father, Elio De Angelis, an Italian soldier, fathered sons on two continents. The sons, now 70-year-old grandfathers, are far removed from the mores and sentiment of the 1940s.

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