Behind-the-scenes hero Dominic Gambino

Feb 15, 2018 430

BY: Paul Basile

Some benefactors are drawn to the limelight that their generosity attracts and others prefer to work their charitable magic behind the scenes. Domenico Gambino is cut of the latter cloth. A co-owner of the Tony’s Finer Food grocery empire, Gambino has been a quiet force for good in the Italian-American community for decades, deploying resources and leveraging connections with little fanfare and great effect.

“What I do I do from the heart and because it makes me feel good,” Gambino explains. “That’s all the thanks I need.” Born in Ciminna, Sicily, in 1945, Domenico is one of eight children of Francesco and Maria (Mannina) Gambino. When he immigrated to the Chicago area in 1968, he first found work in the tool-and-die industry.

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