Sons of Italy support St. Rose

Nov 07, 2017 595

The Kankakee County Lodge of the Sons of Italy goes on record supporting the Concerned Catholics of Kankakee in their effort to keep St. Rose Church open. St. Rose was the host of the Sons of Italy meetings for many years and still has a vital role to play in the community. St. Rose is the oldest Catholic parish in the city of Kankakee. It was founded in 1855, only two years after the creation of the city of Kankakee.
The current church was constructed in 1877 (140 years ago). It is the oldest Catholic church in the city of Kankakee. The beautiful stained-glass windows were constructed in Germany, imported and installed 107 years ago. Many aspects of St. Rose are like a living art museum. There are near life-sized statues above and around the altar. The Stations of the Cross are in three-dimensional color. Two huge canvases depict the Nativity and the Crucifixion.

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