Colorado lawmakers asked to end Columbus Day ... again

Mar 05, 2018 521

The political tug of war over the Columbus Day holiday resumed this week in the General Assembly when a House committee narrowly approved a bill to establish an Election Day holiday for state workers instead. House Bill 1231 is the latest offering in the ongoing battle between the Italian-American community and groups who argue that honoring Columbus ignores the widespread death and devastation that Europeans brought to native American populations.

The House Local Government Committee listened to three hours of passionate, if familiar, testimony from all sides Wednesday afternoon before approving the bill on a 7-6 vote. It was a bill that broke partisan lines. New state Rep. Judy Reyher, R-La Junta, said she was "torn" by the testimony but ultimately voted for the bill, saying she sympathized with the testimony from Native Americans. In an email exchange with one unhappy Puebloan, Reyher said she though the full House should decide the question, not a committee.

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