Feast on St. Louis: The Hill

Nov 02, 2017 671

BY: Bethany Christo

If you stand at the intersection of Marconi and Wilson avenues, you can admire much of The Hill’s appeal and essence. On one corner is the towering red-brick St. Ambrose Catholic Church, built in 1926, that became a gathering hub for the Italian immigrants who comprised the close-knit community. On the other corners are a locally owned Italian gift and import shop, a small-batch gelateria and Milo’s Bocce Garden with an outdoor court lit up with friendly competition. And across the street is Amaghetti’s – serving authentic Italian cuisine and bakery items that make up the heart of what it’s like to dine in St. Louis’ own Little Italy. 

Many establishments on The Hill claim some kind of renown – at Rigazzi’s, it’s being the most time-honored. Established in 1957 by friends John Riganti and Lou Aiazzi (pronounced “ozzie”) and operated to this day by the Aiazzi family, the restaurant is the oldest on The Hill and best known for its generous portions of pastas and equally mammoth “frozen fishbowls” – 32-ounce frosted goblets that can be filled with beer or your drink of choice. 

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