Oregon woman celebrates 100 years, 16 kids and a zest for life

Mar 07, 2018 498

What’s it like in a family with 16 kids? “Amazing,” “fun,” “a challenge,” “beautiful,” and “a privilege,” were some of the responses among the nine grown children gathered last week to celebrate the 100th birthday of their mother, Silverton resident Jacqueline Rose Olivo.

“For me … I’m pretty sure God doesn’t like me because he gave me 10 sisters and one bathroom," quipped Harold Olivo, Rose’s 12th child, who flew from Italy to attend his mother’s party on March 1. With quiet amusement, the birthday girl, wearing a tiny crown of plastic rhinestones, watched her kids hug and razz each other throughout the afternoon at 3 Ten Water Restaurant. She posed for pictures, doled out hugs, and even quoted the Lord’s Prayer word-for-word after her family was done with speeches.

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SOURCE: http://www.11alive.com

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