Carver's Gina Fava announces her new thriller 'Formula'

Nov 02, 2018 143

BY: Kathryn Gallerani

Good wine paired with good food and a mystery about tainted grappa to solve are among the ingredients for local author Gina Fava’s latest fast-paced thriller. In “Formula: Another HELL Ranger Thriller,” her Formula 1 race car champion and spy Devlin “Lucky” Lucchesi travels to a winery in Verona, Italy, to solve a modern day threat that endangers his own son.

It’s a sequel to the Carver resident’s first novel, “The Race: A HELL Ranger Thriller,” but as Fava explains it, her latest novel also stands on its own with its many twists and turns and entanglements. “It’s one of those crazy books that starts as a mystery and turns into a crazy thriller,” she said.

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