Bensonhurst native Dominick LaRuffa Jr. plays Joe Colombo’s first born son in “The Irishman”

Nov 09, 2017 687

BY: Jaime DeJesus

A Bensonhurst actor got a big break with legendary director Martin Scorsese’s latest film “The Irishman.” Dominick LaRuffa Jr., who has loved to act since he was a child, landed his biggest role yet in the Netflix exclusive movie “The Irishman,” a film that reunites award-winning actors Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

Getting the role was a difficult process for the Brooklynite. “This was something I fought pretty hard for,” LaRuffa Jr. explained. “It’s well known the project is cloaked in secrecy and the audition process wasn’t very different. I knew three things for sure. Ellen Lewis was casting, Scorsese was directing and it was based on Charles Brandt’s book ‘I Heard You Paint Houses.’”

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