Laura Caparrotti To Present 'How To Learn Italian In Just One Hour' At Montauk Library On April 30

Apr 24, 2017 363

Montauk Library will welcome Rome-born actress and playwright Laura Caparrotti on Sunday, April 30, for a performance of her one-woman show “A-B-C How to Learn Italian in Just One Hour,” or “ A-B-C L’italiano S’impara così.” Ms. Caparrotti takes on the role of Miss Margherita, a despotic teacher-diva, who has a unique method for teaching Italian through the ABCs of what everyone knows about Italy: “A” equals “amore,” “B” equals “buono,” “C” equals “citta,” and so on.

“After Miss Margherita finishes reciting Dante’s poetry and scenes from Italian plays, singing old and new Italian songs, comparing regional differences, and demonstrating her impeccably correct pronunciation, everyone will know absolutely everything they ever need to know about the Italian language,” the library states.

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