OSIA Membership In Eaststchester/Tuckahoe Rising; A Positive Outlook On Italian Organizations In USA

May 16, 2017 563

The most important association to which Italians can belong in USA is the Order of the Sons of Italy (OSIA). Its aim is to retain Italian culture while helping their community with scholarships, donations, etc. The association, individual lodges tend to also create the proper environment for socialization by throwing parties on special dates, such as Carnevale or Natale, organizing bus trips to cultural centers or casinos, and why not?, also organizing Mother’s day lunches and tombola events. OSIA is then a fruitful environment for any Italian or Italian American who want to be part of the action.

For example, Giuseppe Garibaldi Lodge # 2583 of the Order of the Sons of Italy successfully initiated twenty-two new members on April, proving its steadfast determination to expand evermore into its community of Tuckahoe/Eastchester (Westchester, New York) 

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SOURCE: http://www.lideamagazine.com

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