Retired NYPD Det. Sonny Grosso: “Sinatra, Roselli, Bocelli, Domenic Troiano, Night Heat and the Soundtrack of My Life”

Dec 27, 2017 634

BY: Ashley Jude Collie

On his summer boathouse upstate, Sonny Grosso can often be heard happily singing out loud one of his favorite tunes from the soundtrack of his life. Songs that he and his “Sons of Rest” band of brothers sang like “Mala Femmena,” to tunes that his parents loved, to music he chose to score the dozens of TV shows/movies he produced.

In yet another eye-opening excerpt from retired NYPD Detective Sonny Grosso’s upcoming memoir, Harlem to Hollywood: My Real to Reel Life, he recalls: "Music has always been important to me. Songs have been signposts during my police and TV/movie career. You hum a song and it takes you back to a special event or time in your life. I hear a piece of opera and it takes me back to my grandfather’s home, keeping dead quiet, while he listened enthralled by the opera on the radio, eating his big dish of macaroni and drinking his wine with the bottle draped over his shoulder."

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