Traveling Nativity on display at Italian American Museum

Dec 09, 2015 510

An authentic Neapolitan nativity scene will be on display during the holiday season at the Italian American Museum in Little Italy. Known as the "Nativity of Peace," the nativity was created by the fourth generation of the legendary Ferrigno family of Naples, whose artistic work dates back to the mid-1800s. Donated by the government of the southern region of Campania, the nativity, known as a "presepio," features 32 brilliantly colored figures, as tall as two feet, depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as well as the three wise men, angels and animals.

Today, the Ferrigno's eight employees make about 500 nativities a year, constructed from terracotta and wood. More Italians immigrated to the United States from Campania than any other region. Many of them continue the tradition of displaying nativity scenes in their homes or gardens.

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