The Country Club hosts an elevated Italian dinner: Todd Price Taste Club

Sep 06, 2018 238

Chef Chris Barbato spent 17 years cooking at Commander’s Palace. For quite a few of those years, he was the chef de cuisine working directly below executive chef Tory McPhail. Two years ago, Barbato left to become the executive chef at Bywater’s The Country Club. On Sept. 25, Barbato and The Country Club will host the next Todd Price Taste Club presented by French Market Coffee. Barbato will be cooking a Creole Italian menu that’s close to his heart.

“They’re things I grew up with,” Barbato said, although the chef, drawing on his long career, has elevated the food he remembers from childhood. The four-course Taste Club menu includes Insalata di Mare, or seafood salad with poached shrimp, crab meat, baby octopus and mussels; calamari stuffed with roasted olives and walnuts a

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