This original piece of Italian culture is found in City Park!

Jul 11, 2017 609

Nola Gondola, founded by Robert Dula, will wrap you up with the magic and allure of the Venetian Gondola, and mix it with the romance and flavor of New Orleans. Robert’s childhood dream of being a Gondolier was realized in 2003 when work on his authentic Venetian Gondola began in Venice, Italy.

"I'm not Italian," said Dula, who goes by Roberto on the Gondola. "I first wanted to own a Gondola when I watched James Bond Moonraker, in which he rides through the canals on Venice in a Gondola." Dula flew to Venice to get his Gondola, had it blessed by a priest, and then took it for a spin through the canals before having it shipped back to the U.S

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