Encore in Las Vegas returns Frank Sinatra’s 1954 Oscar

Jan 30, 2019 57

BY: Norm Clarke

Frank Sinatra’s 1954 Oscar, one of the Rat Pack ringleader’s most cherished possessions, has gone home. After a 10-year stay at Encore in Las Vegas, the gold statuette has been returned to his...We hope you’re enjoying our content. Subscribe today to continue reading this story, and all of our stories, for just 99 cents.

Sinatra exhibit

Wynn Las Vegas released the following details Friday about a new Frank Sinatra exhibit at Encore:

Portrait Bust of Frank Sinatra

Jo Davidson (1883-1952)


During the Truman Presidency, Frank Sinatra was invited to visit the White House where he encountered a bust of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, completed by Jo Davidson (who had also depicted Gertrude Stein, Albert Einstein, Walt Whitman, and Helen Keller). Frank so admired the work that he soon afterward commissioned the famed artist to sculpt his own bust, which was cast 25 times before the mold was destroyed. Completed in 1946, this bust depicts Sinatra at age 30, just after the debut of his first album, “The Voice of Frank Sinatra.”

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