Italian artifact discovered, housed at St. Mary’s

Mar 02, 2018 472

It’s a piece of history, more than 700 years old and now it’s found a new home in the Rogue Valley. “It’s tremendous,” said Alastair Hunter, chair of the English Department and art history teacher at St. Mary’s School. “It is providential really, that it came just as we’re finishing the decoration of the chapel.” A piece of the old world, dating well back to the pre-Renaissance.

“It does show some early departures from very early Christian art which was extremely flat and two dimensional,” said Hunter. “It’s probably sometime in the 1200’s, the thirteenth century.” The sacred artifact was discovered in an antique store in Coburg, Oregon and was recently gifted to St. Mary’s School by Rachel Hall, a long-time friend of the school whose kids also attended.

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