The Original Print of “Suspiria” Was Missing For Decades. Now It’s Coming To Portland.

Sep 08, 2017 396

BY: Dana Alston

Neil Calderone uncovered the holy grail of film prints. Just don't ask him how or where. For decades, the 35 mm original cut of baffling, proto-slasher arthouse flick Suspiria was perhaps the most sought-after print in the world. When Dario Argento's film was released in 1977, it was a sensation around the world—with a haunting music-box score and unprecedented gore heightened by lurid Technicolor red. But that version went missing just a few years after the film's release.

The version that Calderone found had gone untouched since the film's initial release in the late '70s. Officially, Calderone rescued the print from an abandoned Italian cinema. But when asked for any other details—when he actually found it, what he was doing in Italy—Calderone is tightlipped. "No comment," is all the Chicago high school teacher offers.

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