A Smart Haircut

Apr 16, 2018 364


Despite the unassuming exterior of Salon G, a barbershop on Sullivan Street in the Village, you could write a dissertation about the place. And it’s quite possible that someone already has. It’s located a block from Washington Square Park, the center of the New York University campus, and more than half its clientele is faculty or staff and their families.

“Not so much the students,” said Giovanni Ianniciello, the 70-year-old owner and “G” of Salon G. Which is pretty much fine with Maria Bermudez, Giuseppe Lupo, — who everybody knows as Joe — Lorraine Dixon, and the other people who work there. The students, after all, leave for holidays and the summer and are gone after a few years. But the faculty and staff keep coming back.

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SOURCE: https://www.nytimes.com

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