CASA debuts European luxury goods in West Avenue showroom

Feb 27, 2018 354

BY: Diane Cowen

It was Giorgetti's sexy Progetti chair that introduced Jerry Hooker and Jacob Sudhoff to one of Italy's finest makers of leather-and-wood furniture: Giorgetti. At the time, the men thought it was an attractive chair that would fit into their modern design aesthetic with its tall, white leather back and sleek wooden legs. On a trip to Italy they visited the factory and they were hooked. 

That one chair lead them to develop Giorgetti Houston condo development and, now, CASA, a home furnishings showroom with seven brands each getting its own boutique-like space. In the upscale West Avenue retail space, even the day before CASA's official opening, workmen were still buzzing around, installing pieces and putting finishing touches on lighting and other things.

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