Eataly ‘Disneyland of food’ follows Los Angeles store’s huge opening

Nov 10, 2017 506

Basking in the success of its first California store, the Italian food market chain Eataly is preparing to open a huge food theme park next week. Eataly World, in Bologna, Italy, is making final preparations for Wednesday’s opening. The 20-acre park has 40 restaurants and a 97,000-square-foot market. Admission is free, but you do have to pay to eat, which is the whole point.

Since opening on Friday, Eataly’s Los Angeles store has been drawing such big crowds that it uses pepper icons on its Twitter feed to advise people of the waits. The red-hot pepper on Sunday, for instance, warned of a wait of more than one hour just to enter the store. On Monday, the store announced it would be shutting down for the day to “reassess, and give our people some well-deserved rest.”

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