Taste of Wine: Italian ‘StrEAT’ Wine & Food Comes to Encinitas

May 17, 2018 234

Encinitas has been embracing the Italian style wine and food of Alice’s Italian Gourmet, now the big buzz for quick and delicious Italian on El Camino Real. Alice (pronounced Ah-leechee) and Carlo Paoletti bring bold new menu dynamics to tempt and feed the fast casual lunch and dinner bunch.

They’re from Milan, so you’ll see and enjoy upscale touches you’ll love, with flavors and dine and wine prices you’ll love even more. You’ve seen some of this concept at street-fests, food truck mobile dining, fairs and other special events.  But Alice’s is a whole new level of artisan Italian, an indoor-outdoor

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SOURCE: http://www.thecoastnews.com

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