Ultimate Guide: The best Italian restaurants in San Francisco

Nov 03, 2018 206

What’s your favorite Italian restaurant? Since I fell into the world of food writing, that’s probably been the most common question I have received from readers and new acquaintances. Like burritos and burgers, Italian food is universal in our region, both in restaurants and homes, and lord knows everyone has an opinion on their favorite Italian place.

This is a fun discussion precisely because it’s an impossible question. Maybe you treasure A16 because you’ll discover a new wine there. Surely you must love the Gold Mirror because you value community in a restaurant. Me? La Ciccia is my favorite Italian restaurant. To me, owners Lorella Degan and Massimiliano Conti have created the perfect restaurant, the absolute idyll of a neighborhood restaurant. It emits love and hospitality — and, of course, the singular island of Sardinia.

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SOURCE: https://www.sfchronicle.com

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