Caputo Fresh Markets: Italian food on the spot

Feb 09, 2018 354

Robertino Presta, president and CEO of Chicago-area grocer Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets, is looking for a wide array of products from Italy as demand for authenticity, organic and natural has gone beyond the specialty food segment to become mainstream. We are looking at a wide array of innovative products. Italian producers are always coming up with new items, organic items, they are doing a lot of ready-to-eat items, Presta told at the Italian Pavilion during the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

Founded in 1958 by Angelo Caputo as a fruit and Italian specialty market, the company currently owns 7 stores, has its own warehouse, distribution and makes own products such as bakery, sausages and hot foods. Presta said American consumers are looking for something authentic and integrating the use of smartphones and apps with in-store shopping.

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