Hancher hosts Culinary Arts Experience for the second year, spotlighting a local Italian restaurant

Nov 10, 2017 475

BY: Sarah Stortz

A fire ignites inside a small kitchen buried deep in Baroncini Ristorante Italiano, the heat is sweltering, and the chef’s face glows as he prepares Italian delicacies for a sold-out venue. The banquet was a part of the Hancher Culinary Arts Experience, which took place in the Stanley Café Wednesday evening. The event features renowned local restaurants for guests to sample the culinary work. Baroncini Ristorante Italiano was featured Wednesday evening, the second restaurant in this year’s lineup.

Coming from a family with strong culinary art traditions, head chef Gianluca Baroncini has been cooking for more than 30 years. “It’s a little bit of the family culture you absorb while growing up,” Baroncini said. “In Italy, the tourism business is a multibillion-dollar business. There’s a lot of organization behind it, and it’s normal for a lot of people growing up deciding to hand themselves to that sector.”

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SOURCE: http://daily-iowan.com

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