Italian buffet more upscale than you might think

Nov 10, 2017 451

BY: Katie Tonarely

When I noticed an Italian buffet was coming to the old Ocean Zen building a while back, I didn’t think much of it. I’m not one who normally enjoys buffets, but when a reader told me The Hill on East Battlefield was unlike any other buffet around, my interest was piqued.

A restaurant family, a logical choice. Chef Angel Kim knows restaurants in Springfield, as he also owns ReRico Brazilian and is part owner of Novo Sushi and Bistro. His sister, Sandra Kim, also owned Argentina Steakhouse before it closed, according to Megan Hayes, The Hill’s public relations manager. “The Hill makes everything from scratch, and they use a lot of Chef Kim’s recipes.” And why Italian? Chef Kim actually did his culinary practice in Italy, and Springfield didn't have an Italian buffet.

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