Katie's Pizza & Pasta Osteria Has Become One of St. Louis' Best Italian Restaurants

Jan 07, 2018 456

BY: Cheryl Baehr

When Katie Lee-Collier opened Katie's Pizza with her father back in 2008, she was a true novice. It took her seven tries to get the first order for a Margherita pie good enough to serve to a customer. She didn't even know how to fold a pizza box. In fact, she didn't know much of anything about running a restaurant, she admits, outside of her passion for cooking and an unyielding commitment to putting out good food.

If you ask Lee-Collier, she didn't feel much more prepared when she and her husband, Ted Collier, opened the first Katie's Pizza & Pasta Osteria four years ago in Rock Hill.

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SOURCE: https://www.riverfronttimes.com

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