MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company offers traditional food in a non-traditional atmosphere

Jul 12, 2017 317

BY: Nate Day

MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company says it best on their own table cards: “Pure ingredients. Rare freshness. Classical simplicity. Historical heritage.”  The surprisingly chic pizza joint allows diners the opportunity to experience authentic Italian-style pizza—as well as appetizers, salads and desserts—that rival food from Italy itself. While the food is often simplistic, the pure taste, aesthetic presentation style and obvious effort to create a genuine Italian experience make it a truly special experience.

The restaurant is surprisingly modern for featuring a menu of traditional Italian pizzas. In fact, it looks more like a contemporary American sushi joint than any kind of tradition-focused restaurant, but the unique ambiance sets MidiCi apart from any other pizza place.

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SOURCE: https://collegian.com/

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