Sharing Mama’s Italian Pastry Cream recipe for a delicious holiday treat

Dec 15, 2016 320

By Jasper J. Mirabile Jr.

Everyone has a special memory of their childhood. Most of mine revolve around the kitchen and family.

While most kids were out playing T-ball, my time was spent in the kitchen being intrigued by my mother and grandmother gathering just a few ingredients and producing a meal for the family. Whether it be waking up to the smell of fried meatballs or Nana's Rum Cake, I will always cherish these memories and still to this day, collect as many recipes as I can.

Funny thing, most of my conversations revolve around food. Whenever I meet an old childhood friend or cousin, I ask what they prepare and what their mother and grandmother used to make, and how they are passing down the recipe to their children and grandchildren. Ha, it's a Sicilian thing, I guess.

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