If it's authentic Italian cuisine you're cravin', Tewksbury is your haven

Dec 28, 2017 381

BY: Kori Tuitt

When Italian cuisine comes to mind, maybe you think of homemade pasta or freshly brewed coffee or pizza right out of a brick oven. All that and more is available to tantalize taste buds in Tewksbury. The town is home to four main Italian restaurants, each of which offers a cozy, family feel and quality eats.

Tewksbury Sons of Italy President Debbie Deputat has been living in Tewksbury since 1954. She said seeing the increased presence of Italian eateries in town has been a pleasure. "All of these places, they're all very friendly," Deputat said. "You can always just go in there, and they make you feel at home. All of these places are like personal favorites of ours, and the owners are all personal friends.

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SOURCE: http://www.lowellsun.com/

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