Italy By The (Wine) Glass: Moscato Bianco From Piemonte

Jun 04, 2018 233

BY: Susan H. Gordon

Nectar-bright fruit and flowers, bubbly and sweet: Piemonte's famous wines made of the Moscato Bianco grape. But from the glass at my monthly self-imposed lesson on Italian wines at Il Buco and Alimentari e Vineria in downtown Manhattan: indiscriminately mixed herbs; so many floral tones I'm reminded that a blossom's perfume can echo verdant in leaves and sepals, too;

efforts to compare these good-natured green notes to something — perhaps fresh chickpeas, or the fava leaves available by the pungent earthy handful at New York City Greenmarkets right now. Not one bubble. The Asti grape's balancing acidity practically piercing here. Nor the slightest hint of sweetness. Why did this happen?

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