To-go menu and lunch break specials at Segafredo l'originale

Mar 14, 2018 362

L’Originale is Florida’s first Segafredo brought from Italy in June 2000 and the second location established in the United States. The original 1988 franchise, Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, developed its roots from the great and passionate work of an Italian coffee merchant, Massimo Zanetti.

At the Lincoln Road location, the main goal is to keep this historic spirit alive by providing magnificent Italian coffee, cocktails, and aperitivos accompanied by a unique atmosphere. Eighteen years ago, when Segafredo first opened, it was a meeting place for Italian immigrants. This was a cultural hub for people looking to have a piece of their homeland; so much so, that the primary language spoken was Italian. As it evolved, Segafredo’s unique character attracted guests and locals from all over the world.

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