Authentic Italian cuisine is all you'll taste at Gina Stipo's table

May 15, 2017 727

BY: Andrew Lyons

Gina Stipo teaches Italian cooking classes and sets the table every week at her restaurant "At the Italian Table." She joins GDL to show us how simple and elegant Italian cooking can be with a few recipes. Find 'At the Italian Table' at 2359 Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky. Details on the restaurant can be found at, and see more about Gina's culinary tours at 

Brodo (Broth): Homemade broth is a staple in the Italian kitchen and extremely easy to make. It’s much better than any purchased broth you can get and can be made light (vegetable), medium (with chicken) or more robust (with beef). We use it as an addition to vegetable soups, to make a flavorful risotto, or in a soup with pasta or crepes added, or in addition to a braised meat dish.

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