Natalia's founder reflects on 34 years of success in Macon

Jan 13, 2018 466

BY: Mary Grace Shaw

We decided to take a look at how one of Macon’s most iconic restaurants got its start. This comes after an announcement was made that Natalia Del Basso Orsini sold Natalia's to Wes and Travis Griffith. In 1973, Natalia says she took a leap of faith. “I truly, I was crying all the time because America is not like Italy at all,” says Natalia. She immigrated to America with hopes of a new future.

“I soon adjusted and realized you've got work,” says Natalia. But 11 years later, she says she rolled the dice again. “In the beginning, I did everything. I mean, we're talking about, I painted, I redid the chairs, because believe it or not, the loan that I got, it was only $30,000,” says Natalia. With just $3,000 left, she opened Natalia’s. 


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