Food: A taste of Sicilia

Apr 09, 2018 237

BY: Marene Gustin

Walk into this boutique bakery on Lower Westheimer, and the first things you notice are the divine aroma and the decadent pastries filling the glass-enclosed counter. The second thing you notice will likely be co-owner Antonio Rios, a Cuban-American with a 100-watt smile, working the counter and the tables. If you’ve been there before, he’ll greet you by name and strike up a friendly conversation.

La Sicilia Italian Bakery & Cafe, which opened March 12, is like a little slice of Europe in Montrose—a welcoming home filled with tasty treats and aromatic coffees that seems likely to become a mainstay in the community. The genius behind both the artwork in the café and the food coming from the back is Antonio’s husband, chef and co-owner Diego Chiarello Rios.

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