The new Radicci Italian Bistro in Hayden serves up family-friendly, Italian-style cuisine

May 07, 2018 319

BY: Carrie Scozzaro

Despite a Venetian gondola painting at the entrance and Italian music playing throughout, the new owners of Radicci Italian Bistro are low-key about their restaurant's Italian origin. "I'm only a little bit Italian," explains Danny Morey, who opened the restaurant in the former Daanen's Delicatessen location with wife Jennifer earlier this year.

Radicci loosely translates to "little roots," adds Morey, who likes to focus on root vegetables in his cooking, such as the parsnips in the Radicci salad with arugula and piquant roasted tomatoes ($6.50/half, $9.50/whole) or the root vegetables in the Tuscan bean soup ($4/cup, $5.50/bowl).

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