Rosati’s in Gold Canyon has deep-dish pizzas, Italian beef sandwiches

Jan 06, 2018 410

BY: Arianna Grainey

Rosati’s Pizza in Gold Canyon is a rags to riches story for owner Randy Robertson. “I saw they put up a Rosati’s sign and I applied to be a delivery driver,” he said. He got the job and was a driver for three years, he said. When Mr. Robertson was a driver, the owner had eight Rosati stores and Mr. Robertson was able to help him do deposits and other managerial duties, he said. “I learned a little bit about how he was running his stores.”

A few years later, the store, 6900 E. Highway 60 suite No. 115, came up for sale. “Someone bought it before I did,” he said. He purchased it after it went into foreclosure, Mr. Robertson said. “We had the opportunity to buy it,” Mr. Robertson said. “We’ve had it for five years now.”

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