The Sicilian Butcher Promises Great Regional Italian

Dec 24, 2017 655

BY: Chris Malloy

My thoughts on eating meatballs outside one's home are well-documented, and they are not mild. The spirit of my last meatball-focused story together with my meatball-eating philosophy would seem to predict utter failure for all future meatball spots to come. This one, though, promises to be different.

The Sicilian Butcher is the latest restaurant by The Maggiore Group. After decades of cooking in metro Phoenix at the Tomaso's line of restaurants and, lately, Hash Kitchen, The Maggiore Group would seem to have things figured out. It doesn't hurt that Tomaso Maggiore is from Sicily, and that Joey Maggiore, his son and the head chef at The Sicilian Butcher, grew up eating Sicilian food.

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