The Viand Pundit reviews Frankie’s B-Town Bistro

Oct 10, 2017 490

I just can not get enough of the fine dining that Italian cuisine can and does offer to the culture-hungry Burien appetite. A careful observation shows a sprinkling of this style in our region from tiny Bistros to long standing steadfast Burien icons. Frankie’s was a curious clam in my linguine to me as I found this story fun to write as I took employment incognito to observe from within. First, I should share some history about my relationship with this restaurant…

There was once a little restaurant called Filaberto’s on Des Moines Memorial Drive near the airport. We had just finished a lovely dinner and at that time and I worked for one of many Seattle’s “first” Craft brewery swarms. I asked to speak to whom was in charge of buying beer to make an appointment. A very pleasant older gentleman greeted us after we had paid and said “We have no interest in beer here.” Really? It was the last time we had a chance to dine there for shortly thereafter I noticed the place had closed.

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