Anna Fendi reflects on four decades in the fashion industry

Sep 26, 2014 985

Elegantly dressed for our photo shoot, Anna Fendi obliges our photographer's every request, which includes trudging through the freshly-watered garden of Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur – in her heels. Truly, the second of the famed Fendi sisters is in a class of her own – a refined, dignified and sophisticated 81-year-old.

The former head of design at the fashion giant that is Fendi, and the daughter of its namesake founder, Anna stops at nothing to achieve perfection, and she's game for anything. Long photo shoots in strang locations? No problem. Selfies with fans at Fendi's Fall/Winter 2014 presentation? Not an issue. Moving things around to snap a better picture? No big deal.

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