Battle of the Grandmas: Greek Yiayia vs Italian Nonna

Jul 12, 2018 673

BY: Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi

Italians and Greeks have a lot of cultural norms in common with some twists and if you happen to be a mixture of Greek and Italian blood lines, that means you are dealing with both your Greek yiayia and Italian nonna – So, good luck. They will undoubtedly both put their own flair on everything they do and ultimately you will find yourself in the middle of the battle of the grandmas.

Whether it’s your nonna or yiayia, your grandmas will do their utmost to influence your cultural identity. They will both stuff you silly with food, only to sit and stare at you and ask you that one dreaded question after your meal, “What’s better: Italian food or Greek food?” Just be aware that there is no winning answer here because they will just ask you the same question again the next time they feed you or at holiday meals and celebrations. Go with whatever cuisine you are eating at the moment just to be safe.

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