The Best Music to be Inspired by Tarantula Bites

Jun 07, 2018 238

BY: India Amos

It began with a tarantula bite in medieval Italy. As venom coursed through victims’ bloodstreams, bodies twisted and jerked. This spastic dancing came to be known as a side effect of tarantism, a psychological illness that was believed to occur after someone was bitten by a spider. The convulsive dancing inspired a music genre, tarantella, that roughly four centuries later is seeing a revival.

But with a 21st-century twist. Kalàscima, one of Italy’s most popular tarantella bands, is making this psychedelic genre of Puglian music compelling and current. How? For one, giving performances reminiscent of a 1970s rock group, complete with jumping and head-banging. They’re also meshing traditional beats with modern electronic rhythms. The result is a driving, trancelike mix of the ancient and the now.

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