Feb 23, 2018 393

BY: Sean Gallen

Halfway through the painful but beautiful Eldorado, an Italian humanitarian compares the journey of an African refugee to that of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem. First there is the hell of travelling north through Libya, crossing the Mediterranean, second there is purgatory, arriving in Italy and then finally the paradise of arriving in Northern Europe.

Director Markus Imhoof’s film begins with his childhood in Switzerland and his relationship with Giovanna, a young Italian refugee his family adopted during the war. The politics that tore him and his newfound sister apart are used as a critical lens to dissect the journey of African migrants arriving in Europe. Imhoof refers back to his perspective as a child, the confusion, trying to figure out why there are borders and why some countries are stable and others are not.

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SOURCE: https://www.theupcoming.co.uk/

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