Fratelli d'Italia – The Italian National Anthem

Jul 12, 2018 365


Every nation has its own national anthem. After the Second World War Italy became a Republic and the Canto degli Italiani was chosen on October 12, 1946, as a provisional national anthem. Italian Traditions will lead you on the discovery of this song that represents the nation also internationally. Here we will tell you its history and its meaning. We will also present the author of the text and references to the history of our nation that are present within the composition.

The origin of national anthems
These songs originated in the second half of the 1700s with the establishment of national states. In this context the national anthem becomes a symbol of the unity of a people united under one flag. Its purpose is to explain through music the cultural and sentimental peculiarities of a specific community of citizens. The first modern national anthem was the French one entitled La Marseillaise which was introduced after the revolution.

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