The History of Italian Cuisine I

Jun 19, 2018 257

It is easy to love good food, and we Italians know a couple of things about it. When you enjoy cooking, you become acquainted with ingredients and flavors with a pleasurable delight; you get to know how they mix with each other, which type of scent their fragrance produce and how they will taste once they touch your tongue. Ah... food: like poetry and painting, it's impossible to resist the beauty in forms and colors it creates when it's spread out on a table and, of course, it's even harder to refrain from tasting it. 

When you love food, there are two things you really want to do: eat it and make it. That's why it's nice to have a well furnished kitchen, and plenty of interesting recipes to try, as well as a gang of good friends to invite over to justify your spending every single weekend surrounded by pots and pans, making your best impression of a domestic goddess/god. 

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