Italian nonna, 93, heads to Kenya to volunteer in orphanage

Feb 26, 2018 1115

Nonna Irma has become something of a celebrity in her native Italy after her proud granddaughter shared her story on Facebook this week. "This is my grandma Irma, a young lady of 93, who set off for Kenya tonight," wrote Elisa Coltro on Monday.  "Not to some tourist resort to be waited on hand and foot, but to go to a village of children, in an orphanage. I'm showing her to you because I believe that all of us should always keep a dash of recklessness in order to live and not just survive. 

"Look at her... Who's stopping her? I love her." Nonna Irma, of Noventana Vicentina in Veneto, is travelling with her daughter, Elisa's mother. "My mother sent me the photos from the airport and seeing my grandma, red suitcase and cane in hand, I felt so proud that I wrote the post," Coltro told La Repubblica. 

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