Italians show will to donate billions for the future

Sep 14, 2017 352

A survey by Italy's national association of notaries, which monitors charity donations in Italy, found that 32 million people donated to a cause in the last year. Italians may be struggling financially but their generosity appears unaffected by a decade of financial crisis. Especially if it involves giving money beyond their lifetime. At least 14 percent of Italians are willing to leave money to a charity in their will, according to a survey by GFK Eurisko, commissioned by the Italian Notariat's association.

Three percent have already inserted a clause into their will to ensure a donation to a good cause; 11 percent have declared the will to do so. The altruistic trend looks set to grow too. By 2030, 420,000 Italians will leave donations to charities in their wills, estimatesOsservatorio Fondazione Cariplo. This would mean the dead would fund approximately €129 billion extra for the third sector, lifesaving funds for emergency relief charities, science and academic research bodies. 

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