Martini: a brand history

Jun 19, 2018 227

The ingredients in a classic 1970s Martini commercial were pretty simple: a bunch of beautiful people on a yacht, the glittering Mediterranean and a soaring orchestra. As the jingle reached its climax – ‘It’s the bright one, the right one. It’s Martini’ – no­-one doubted that this was one of the most glamorous lifestyle brands around.

But arch­-rival Cinzano decided to take the mickey in its own adverts. It hired actor Leonard Rossiter as a pretentious bumbling oaf who would order Cinzano, sigh about “Italian wines suffused with herbs and spices”, then spill the drink down Joan Collins’s cleavage. Audiences loved them but could never remember the brand name, so Martini had the last laugh – every time the ads were aired its sales grew.


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