Pasta Berruto 1881 goes organic

Mar 13, 2018 385

Berruto 1881 is one of the main Italian producers of semolina pasta that has strong ties with Piedmont, its territory of origin. Positioned 20th on the rank list of the Italian top players in the pasta sector with 40 million euro of turnover, the company stands out for its strong internationalization (90% of production goes abroad) and for its declared willingness to push premium productions.

Some evidence of the latter is the launch of the Organic and Organic Whole Grain range, which consists of over 30 products made from domestic (and therefore 100% Italian) grain. The organic pasta market has been growing side by side with the rest of the organic produce market in Italy. Beyond borders, the sector is enjoying an immense upswing in terms of growth, especially in geographical areas where the sensitivity towards organic products is very high.

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