From Piemonte to Veneto, the odd tradition to get cheese “drunk”

Mar 13, 2018 393


My region, Piemonte, is known for its good cheeses: Tùma, Raschera, Castelmagno, robiola di Roccaverano are only a handful of the many delicious and fragrant milk-based delicacies it has to offer. You understand that loving cheese and that other typical product of Piemonte, fine wine, comes as natural as breathing for those born there, and I am no exception, especially when it comes to cheese.   

Since my childhood, cheese was one of my favorite things and mind, I am not talking cheese triangles, nor mild flavored (albeit delicious) mozzarella. I liked mature sheep and cow cheese, what we call Tùma, especially the buttery part between its thick but flavorful crust and the cheese itself. 

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